Attract Love || A Spell Jar Recipe

Valentine’s day is happening and we know love is in the air. But even if you’re single, you can still take advantage of the energy of Valentine’s day. I thought I would write a little spell to help attract love into my life. For me, this is a form of self-love because I’m already in a healthy, loving relationship. I tried to make it as adaptable as possible, so feel free to switch things up to fit your situation.

Imbolg Protection and Blessing Powder || Witchy DIY

Imbolg is a time of spring-cleaning for most people. For us witches, that normally means cleaning house, but also cleansing house. For that reason, I always try to create an Imbolg Protection powder. Today, I’m sharing my DIY with you! Imbolg is a great time to take advantage of the fresh energy being brought forth into the year. I like to do this by creating a protection and blessing powder for my home. Using eggshells and herbs of your choice, this powder is a simple yet effective method of cleansing your home and welcoming in the wanted energy.