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Jewelry Enchantment || Elemental Spell FREE PRINTABLE

Enchanting jewelry is a very common practice that witches partake in. You can enchant rings, necklaces, bracelets – any form of jewelry – for any purpose. I’ve created a very simple jewelry enchantment using the five elements. This enchantment was created to bring the spirit and energy of each element into my necklace to carry with me throughout the day.

This particular enchantment was made to be cast during a full moon with the use of Moon Water. Moon Water is simply clean water that has been charged with the energy of a Full Moon cycle. I believe that this gives the water a more potent energy to work with as well as the energetic properties of the Full Moon.

This is also available as a printable PDF! Scroll down to the bottom to download.

What You Need

You will need the following. Please note that these are my own correspondences for the elements. If you have your own, feel free to substitute and change with your beliefs.

  • Salt to represent Earth
  • Incense to represent Air
  • A white pillar candle to represent Fire
  • A bowl of Moon Water to represent Water
  • A pentacle to represent Spirit
  • A piece of jewelry


Create Your Sacred Space

You can cast a circle if that’s part of your practice. I create sacred space by saying the following…

“This is a sacred space. Only those that are invited are welcome. I call on the spirits and energies of the five elements -Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I ask you to be here today and aid me in my work.”

Bless the Jewelry with Earth

Place your jewelry within the salt and say the following…

“By the power of Earth, this jewelry is cleansed. Spirit of Earth, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with your stability and your rock foundation so that I may have stability and a solid foundation in my life.”

Bless the Jewelry with Air

Pass your jewelry safely through the incense smoke and say the following…

“Spirit of Air, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with the wisdom of the winds so that I may travel and know where I’m supposed to go.”

Bless the Jewelry with Fire

Pass your jewelry safely through – or around – the candle flame and say the following…

“Spirit of Fire, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with your passion and your energy and your heat so that I may retain my passion for what I do and those I love.”

Bless the Jewelry with Moon Water

Place your jewelry into the moon water and say the following…

“Spirit of Water enchanted by the Moon, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with your flowing energy so that I may learn to love myself, those around me, and go with the flow of my emotions and the day and where they carry me.”

Bless the Jewelry with Spirit

Place your jewelry on the pentacle and say the following…

“Spirit, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with your protective energies as it has been blessed by the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I call to you, Spirit, so that when I wear this necklace I may be protected, and I may carry with me the energy of the elements.”

Conclude Your Spell

Close your circle or sacred space in the way you normally do. Thank the elements for joining you and giving you their blessing.

Wear your jewelry regularly and repeat this enchantment every Full Moon for a lasting effect.

Grab the Printable!

Keep this spell in your own Book of Shadows with this easy-to-print PDF!

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See how the spell is performed!

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