Book Review: Metal Never Lies

Metal Never Lies is a book written about metal magic by author Sam ‘Bo’ Thompson. I didn’t know anything about this book until the author reached out on Instagram and asked if I thought about adding his book to my library. Curious, and because I work with Brigid, I said I’d add it and give it a read! I’m really glad I did because this book changed my perspective on working with metal.

Consecration: What is it? Plus a simple ritual!

If you have an object that you’d like to use for your practice, but you want to ritualize it, then a consecration ritual is exactly what you need! Consecration is the act of making something sacred — usually a tool, in the case of witchcraft — and giving the tool a purpose in your practice.

Bealtaine: Myth, Folklore, and Florida Witch Celebrations

As one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, Bealtaine marks a very important time of year in Irish paganism. Historically, before the Gregorian calendar, Bealtaine marked the transition between Winter and Summer — the dark half of the year and the light half of the year.

Learning to Listen: Signs from the Otherside

The longer you practice witchcraft and the more confident you get in your practice, the easier Listening becomes. But do you remember a time, or perhaps you’re still here right now, where you struggled to Listen? And yes, I am capitalizing Listen for a reason. Being able to sit in stillness while you wait for communication, energy shifts, subtle hints and signs, is a vital part of working magic and interacting with non-human entities.

Lavender Magic: Uses, Tips, and a Freebie!

Lavender is one of those plants that just about every witch has in their cabinet. This is because lavender is such a versatile plant ally to work with! I think it also says something about our modern world that we all tend to lean on an ally that gives us a bit of peace and calm energy, but that’s a topic for another day.

The Magic of Magnolias || Correspondences & Free Printable

I have several Magnolia trees around my home. In the spirit of using what you have around you and knowing your natural landscape, I wanted to look into the properties of Magnolia trees, their folklore, and any correspondences I could find online (plus come up with some of my own).