Plant magic, spells, and more — everything witchcraft related is here! This is a great place to learn different aspects of witchcraft from my perspective.

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Witchcraft is a large subject, and I usually have a lot to say! In this category, you will find posts pertaining to many different aspects of witchcraft. Some of these posts also end up in more than one category — labels are hard, you know?

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Spells and rituals can be a great way to connect with yourself, your Spirits, and get some work done. The only limit to your spellwork is your own moral compass and your skill.

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Herbs and other plants are a witch’s oldest ally. With them, we can learn to stay rooted and grounded. They can also teach us how to heal and how to harm.

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Learning to receive messages from your spirits and deities, or your higher self, can be one of the cornerstones of your practice. With divination, receiving these messages can become easier.

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Introspection and digging deep into who you are as a person can be an important part of your practice. Shadow Work isn’t for everyone, though, so approach with caution.

Please note: These posts may contain triggering content for some. Each will have a content warning when necessary, but read with caution.

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From potions and brews to cakes and ale, kitchen witchcraft is some of the simplest witchcraft you can do. Everyone has to eat, after all!