Bealtaine: Myth, Folklore, and Florida Witch Celebrations

As one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, Bealtaine marks a very important time of year in Irish paganism. Historically, before the Gregorian calendar, Bealtaine marked the transition between Winter and Summer — the dark half of the year and the light half of the year.

Learning to Listen: Signs from the Otherside

The longer you practice witchcraft and the more confident you get in your practice, the easier Listening becomes. But do you remember a time, or perhaps you’re still here right now, where you struggled to Listen? And yes, I am capitalizing Listen for a reason. Being able to sit in stillness while you wait for communication, energy shifts, subtle hints and signs, is a vital part of working magic and interacting with non-human entities.

Cleaning and Redecorating my Witchcraft Altar || It’s been too long… 😅

Join me in this ASMR-style video of an altar cleaning and cleansing 💖 Just as my garden went dormant, so too did my altar space. This happens and it’s okay. It had been a while since my altar saw any attention. Random objects had made their home on the surface, dust settled in, and so did stagnation. Taking the time to slowly clean and cleanse the space helped to refresh the energy and revitalize my spirit.

Lughnasadh || A Brief History of the First Harvest

The Wheel has turned again and we are slowly making our approach to Lughnasadh. As the First Harvest and one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, did you know that Lughnasadh has been celebrated for many, many years? In ancient Ireland, it was celebrated as Lughnasadh – the first harvest of the season. Now, it is more commonly known as Lammas, the anglicized version of the name. So, what is Lughnasadh and why do we celebrate it?

Altar Tour || My Personal Witch Space

I don’t often post about my own altar space because it changes almost daily. However, I decided to give you a tour of my personal altar space. This includes my worship altar for Brighid and my practical altar. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to my most recent podcast episode about four types of altars or watch it on YouTube.