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Safe Travel Charm || Easy Protection Magick

If you’ve been around here for a minute, you’ll know that my family and I are getting ready to move all the way across the country from Oregon to Florida. If you’re not from the United States, that’s a roughly 4750km trip for a family of five. We will be driving two of our vehicles while we’re shipping the other two. We’ve also been fortunate enough to hire a company to move all of our belongings – furniture, boxes, etc. – so we don’t have to worry about loading and unloading our stuff. My back is not the greatest and neither is my dad’s…but anyway, I wanted to show you the safe travel charm I made for each vehicle as well as the moving truck.

This protection magick is super easy to do – all you need is your pouch (I made an envelope), your herbs and essential oils, and a pen. Get the instructions below – and watch my video on how exactly I did it.


  • Create your sigil!
    The sigil I used was based on the very simple phrase – safe travels
  • Get your pouch ready!
    I made an envelope because I didn’t have any sachets or regular envelopes. Draw your sigil on the outside of the pouch in whatever way you can.
  • Combine your herbs and essential oils in the pouch and give it a shake.
    When you do this, remember why you’re doing it. Focus your energy and intention on the sigil and pouch. You can hold your hands over the completed charm and chant a spell if you’d like. Repeat this phrase if you don’t have your own spell. Repeat it over and over until all words lose their meaning. At this point, it’s just noise. You’re focusing on the intention – safe travel to your destination. This is an effective method of charging your sigil.

    “Where this charm goes, safe travel will follow.”

  • Close the pouch and place it in your vehicle, luggage, etc.

This particular charm will be burnt when we make it to Florida, because that is it’s only purpose. I will burn the pouch and thank the plants and the Gods for the ability to travel and make it safely to our destination.

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