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How to cleanse an object? || Four SIMPLE methods for easy cleansing!

I made a new tarot pouch recently and it needed a good cleansing. I wanted to bring you along with me to show you four SIMPLE ways you can cleanse an object and only one requires smoke!

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Why should you cleanse a new object?

The the easy answer is going to be because it contains the energy of absolutely everyone that touched it prior. I’m going to be showing you today how to cleanse a small object using a little tarot pouch that I created recently. This pouch is made from 100% recycled polyester yarn. So there are a few different reasons why I want to cleanse this before I start actively using it to put my cards in. The very first reason is because a lot of people have touched this before it even got to me, right? Everybody that touched and interacted with whatever this yarn was before it got recycled — their energy is in this yarn, the energy of the people that touched it while they made it is in this yarn, the energy of the people who picked this particular skein of yarn up at the store and looked at it and then put it back is in this yarn. Any sort of interaction that anybody has had with it can affect the energy that this yarn carries. You don’t know those people. You don’t know their intentions. You don’t know what sort of mood they were in when they had it. I don’t even know what it was before it was yarn since it’s recycled.

A crocheted tarot bag in pastel colors laying on a wooden surface next to a deck of oracle cards.
Cleansing my new Card Pouch!

But objects carry energy and when you get something that’s new to you, I believe that it’s important to cleanse it and sort of start fresh. This is obviously going to depend on the item. So if you’re looking at something like a crystal or a plant or even a deck of cards, that might be a little different. I’m not clearing the object, so I’m not taking away any sort of personality or energy that the object has on its own accord. I am just cleansing it of anything that doesn’t belong.

So I think that any object that is new to you or anything that you bring into your home that you plan on using in your practice, even if you don’t plan on using it in your practice, it might be a good idea to cleanse it. You can cleanse as soon as you get it. You can cleanse as soon as you turn it into something else, just as I did with this bag. And you can even cleanse it regularly if a lot of people interact with it or if its job is to catch the energies around it.

In this particular instance, since the yarn has gone through so many different hands before it got to me, I am going to be cleansing it before I use it.

Smoke Cleansing

The first method of cleansing a new object is through smoke and this is going to be something like incense or burning a bundle of herbs that have cleansing properties. In my case, I tend to use dragon’s blood incense or juniper. Juniper I use for a stronger cleansing. I’m going to just use dragon’s blood incense because that just does the trick for me and it’s very simple. Obviously, please practice fire safety. Have a heat proof, fireproof dish nearby and some method of extinguishing like an extinguisher, a bowl of water, or a cup of water depending on what it is that you’re burning.

Incense rising in the foreground while a crochet tarot pouch sits in the background.
Cleansing with incense is as easy as it sounds.

Once you have your herbs or your incense lit, you’re just going to pass your object through the smoke. And for me, I think that cleansing with smoke is only effective when the smoke touches the object so be sure that you pass the object directly through the smoke in all different manners and directions. With this particular bag I am cleansing, I will pass it through the smoke both on the outside, on both sides, on the bottom, and then I will open it up and let the smoke sort of filter through the inside. I could even turn it inside out if I wanted to to do it that way. And then it is cleansed and ready to go!

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Sound Cleansing

The next method of cleansing a new object is with sound. If smoke is not an option for you, that’s totally fine. You can use a bell, you can clap. Basically what you want to do is make sure that the sound touches the object. I know this is going to be a little more difficult to envision because we cannot see sound waves, but if you have a bell, you could ring the bell over the top of the object or ring the bell and swirl the object around the bell. Or you could even just set the object down and clap over it and then that uses sound to cleanse your object.

A golden bell rings over a tarot pouch held in hand.
The gentle ringing of a bell can easily cleanse an object.

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Cleanse with Salt

The third super simple method of cleansing a new object is with salt. And of course, depending on what your object is, you want to be careful. Not every object can sit in salt or have salt on it, especially different types of crystals and plants. Please know what you’re doing before you do it. When it comes to objects like little pouches, cleansing with salt is super simple. You can create a fine layer of salt in a dish or a bowl and set your object inside of it for an hour or two, roll it around if you prefer, or set the object down and sprinkle salt over the top of it. Salt is a great energetic cleanser and it negates energy that doesn’t belong there.

Salt sprinkled on a crochet tarot bag.
A simple sprinkle of salt can do the trick!

Energetic Cleanse

The last method of cleansing you can do is an energetic cleanse, and this takes a little bit more practice. You should have at least a basic understanding of energy work and pulling energy from yourself or your surroundings and passing it through an object because that’s what you’re going to be doing here. You want to hold the object in your hand. Generally, it’s going to be your non-dominant hand that you hold it with. You place your dominant hand over the top and you’re going to pass the energy back and forth through the object and push any sort of remaining energy out of the object itself; not drawn into you but push it out of the object. And then you can give it a little shake and it’s good to go!

Push the energy away with your own hands.

I hope this post (and video!) gave you some new ideas if you were looking for different ways to cleanse an object.

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