Bealtaine: Myth, Folklore, and Florida Witch Celebrations

As one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, Bealtaine marks a very important time of year in Irish paganism. Historically, before the Gregorian calendar, Bealtaine marked the transition between Winter and Summer — the dark half of the year and the light half of the year.

Learning to Listen: Signs from the Otherside

The longer you practice witchcraft and the more confident you get in your practice, the easier Listening becomes. But do you remember a time, or perhaps you’re still here right now, where you struggled to Listen? And yes, I am capitalizing Listen for a reason. Being able to sit in stillness while you wait for communication, energy shifts, subtle hints and signs, is a vital part of working magic and interacting with non-human entities.

Pagan Portals: Lugh || Book Review

For such a short book, Lugh is jam-packed with information any new seeker of Lugh would need. Morgan Daimler does a wonderful job sharing important information about the history of Lugh, His stories across different Celtic regions, and ways we as modern polytheists may connect with Him. I wanted to point out something I find very important. In the Author’s Note, Morgan Daimler makes it clear that she uses the Irish spelling whenever possible but that there was no standardized Irish spelling before the 20th century. This can make some names and words hard for an English speaker to grasp, but there is a pronunciation guide at the end of the book.