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Spring Equinox with Children: Honoring Balance and Creating Joy [FREEBIE]

As a mother and a witch, I try my hardest to instill a love of nature and respect for the Earth and her cycles in my child. I may not always teach her about witchcraft – only if that’s what she wants – but I will always teach her about the natural cycles of the Earth and spirituality.

It is hard to find resources online for teaching children about the more spiritual side of Earth’s cycles. Trust me, I’ve looked. I know there are a few out there, but I’m really picky when it comes to the resources I use to help teach my child. So I did what any creative person would do — I created my own!

This Spring Equinox, my daughter and I will be doing some wish planting and gratitude growing. I created this resource to use myself, but also to share with anyone else that has children and is looking for activities and resources to teach their own children.

What’s Included?

This printable includes a small bit of information about what an equinox is, how it is viewed spiritually, and different types of magic that can be performed during this time of balance. There are also two activities to do that, hopefully, you will do together!

Color the Egg

Eggs are symbols of fertility and protection in many practices. I brought that theme into this worksheet in a way that allows you, the parent, to give your own explanation for your own beliefs. The egg is meant to be colored in with colors that correspond with something your child wants to grow or invite into their life. This is a perfect opportunity to teach them about fertility magic (it’s not just about babies, ya know!) and color correspondences! And it’s all done in your own personal way!

Blossom your Flower

The second activity involves coloring several flower petals their favorite color for flowers. Then, on each petal, they will write something they are grateful for that Spring brings to Earth. This is a practice of gratitude and, if you’d like, a practice in giving offerings. Offerings are essential parts of my own practice, and many times this is simply an offering of my time and energy. This is a simple way to honor the spirit of Spring (or a deity of your choosing) with a small sacrifice of time and energy.

Get the Printable

I really hope you enjoy this free resource as much as I do! I really love putting these together and I hope to make more all year long! If you love this, please leave me a comment below and share your projects on social media — tag me, please! I would love to share your pictures, too!

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