Color Correspondences – Tradition or Emotion?


If you’re not new to Wicca or witchcraft, you’ll know that there are a slew of correspondence lists out there on the internet for different aspects of magick. One of those things is color correspondences. Just a quick search will give you hundreds of tables from many different sources that tell you what each color corresponds with.

Color correspondences are important in your craft, but not in the cookie-cutter way that you find on the internet. A lot of those correspondences might hold true for you, but some of them won’t and that’s ok.

I don’t know where color correspondences came from, or who decided on the meaning for each one. What I do know is that psychology plays just as much a part in the correspondences as magick does. There’s a whole scientific study dedicated to how color affects our mood and behavior. These same scientific principles can be applied to our magickal work.

Color plays a large part in the lives of those of us who can see it. Marketing campaigns, medications, and logos are all researched based on their colors as well as other factors. For example, the color red is seen as a color of extremes. It grabs your attention and can make you feel rushed, anxious, or even angry. Since it is a color that grabs attention, most emergency vehicles incorporate the color red in some form. Firetrucks are red. Some ambulances are red. Even some lights on a police car are often red.

When it comes to color correspondence in your magick, look into the traditional associations with that color, but also take stock in how the color makes you feel and what you associate that color with. Some colors may match your emotions, but some may not depending on your life experiences. Use those to your advantage when working magick. Give it an extra boost!

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