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Wicca: A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magick by Harmony Nice || Book Review

Star Rating: Two out of Five
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“Harmony Nice is at the heart of a growing community of modern-day wiccans who practise natural magic to improve their own lives and the world around them. In Wicca she encourages you to explore the positive impact that ritual, meditation and embracing nature can have on your creativity, confidence and sense of self-worth. Discover how to cast spells, start your own Book of Shadows, join a coven and feel empowered to follow a path that feels good and true to you.”

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Harmony is a wonderful human being, but her book really fell short for me. There were a few things that I did like about the book, so I’ll talk about those first.

The Pros

Illustration of a person sitting in a forest in front of a circle of rocks. She has flowers in her hand and an altar is inside the circle of rocks. Taken from page 156 of Wicca: A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magick

The illustrations within the book really do a lot to show Harmony’s personality. You can see who she is as a person and what is important to her through the illustrations that are scattered throughout the book. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve watched Harmony’s videos for quite some time or what, but the illustrations throughout the book really feel like Harmony to me. The image you can see to the left is from page 156 of Harmony’s book.

Harmony also included a chapter titled “Small Changes” (chapter 22 for anyone interested) that I felt was really important, and I’m glad she included it. Within this chapter, Harmony details different methods and ideas for incorporating different aspects of Wicca and your practice in your life. This is an important chapter, in my opinion, because a lot of new witches, pagans, and Wiccans get overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available and how to incorporate everything into their lives.

She also has a wonderful chapter on creating your own Book of Shadows. In it, she gives many examples of what your Book of Shadows can include but doesn’t tell you what can and cannot be included. She leaves it open to interpretation and allows for your own personalization and inclusion of information that is important to you.

The Cons

Even though there were some things I did like, there was more that I didn’t like than I did. So, let’s chat about that for a second. My first two main issues with her book are her lack of sources and resources and the inclusion of inaccurate information. Her reference page includes a total of…

-Four books – three of them by the same author
-Four websites
-Five YouTubers
-Five Instagram accounts and one hashtag
-Several shop websites

For resources, that’s nothing. And it is very apparent to me that Harmony’s information – besides her personal story – is a rehashing of your typical Wicca 101 books. Nothing is cited, which might just be a personal nitpick of mine, but I would like to know if she was getting her astrological information from an astrology book or some random website found on the internet. Anyway, that’s a personal preference of mine. There is a difference in the information that comes from an educational or non-fiction book versus a freely available internet source.

Also, the editing of this book is awful. The way the book is organized doesn’t make much sense. Also, the book is full of run-on sentences and very choppy paragraphs. It made it difficult to read and as someone who writes and edits for work it really bothered me. However, that’s not Harmony’s fault.

Final Words

Overall, I would not recommend this book for anyone who is looking for information with sources or information that is deeper than the superficial information that is freely available online.

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