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Winter Solstice Morning Reflections 2019

I did so much yesterday in terms of cooking and cleaning. I spent all day on my feet, and it was worth it. I made cookies, which I then decorated with my daughter. Everything was made from scratch and – if you know me personally, you’ll know I don’t bake from scratch often because it always turns into a disaster.

The Cookies and Cooking

Part of my witchcraft and practice, in general, involves the every day – the mundane. I put a lot of love into my cooking, baking, and even in my coffee. I am responsible for the meals in my home for all five of us – my parents included. This was part of an agreement that I made with my parents when I decided to quit my day job and stay home to pursue what I really love. Since I do all the cooking, it gives me an opportunity to put a bit of love, energy, or healing into my cooking regularly for everyone to partake in. Solstice cookies are no different.

When I bake from scratch, I often make a mess and get lost in what I’m doing. That’s part of the process! I focus my intention on baking the cookies, making sure they turned out well, and that they taste good and serve a bigger purpose. In this case, they are Solstice cookies, but they will also be cookies for Santa – because that’s also done in my home.

My daughter and I decorated them, so we were both able to put our creativity, focus, and love into each one. Not every cookie has a symbolic meaning – as it should be – and some were decorated just because (peep the gumball monstrosity she created in the picture).


I don’t do elaborate, Wiccan-style rituals for the sabbats. I never really have, and it suits me well. I’ve talked about it before, but I focus on celebrating the days in the moment. I spent Solstice night working on a custom order and spending time with my family. I thought about what I want for the coming year, and what I want the Light to bring into my life.

I thanked Brigit for Her blessings that She has graciously given me, and asked Her to continue Her blessings into the coming year. Brigit rules over the light half of the year, and it is fitting that I have a candle (or two) always lit in Her honor when I’m home.

This morning, I lit the candles in our Yule log (personally made by me from a piece of reclaimed Ponderosa Pine). I drank my coffee in quiet reflection and looked out our window as the sun rose on the valley below me. I’ve been really blessed this year with the opportunities I have been given, the work that I do, and the people I have been able to connect with.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Solstice, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and I bestow blessings upon you for the New Year.

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