When Following Your Heart is Hard

I’ve been conflicted over a decision that needs to be made in my personal life for a while now. For some background, I don’t like working a day-job. It takes away from what I’m passionate about, but it pays the bills. I needed some more insight into my thought process today because it is very muddled together between my head and my heart.

I used a tarot spread I found online at Violet Aura (click here to go to their site and see the spread for yourself) that helps to separate the thought processes of the right brain and left brain. The top two cards represent the way my mind is thinking about things. The bottom three, in the rough shape of a heart, represents how I feel about things.

What my head says…

Look at the results of your hard work. Has it been worth it? You may have found your sense of self again, and that’s wonderful. You are experiencing something you are passionate about, but it is scary and you’re still getting used to the idea. Take stock in the things you have now, and don’t make this decision lightly. If things aren’t meeting your expectations where you are right now, you have options. Those options, though, come with consequences, and they need to be considered as well.

What my heart says…

You are conflicted. You see the possibilities for emotional stability and more time with family. You also see the possibility of defeat and the new prospect falling through completely. You want the emotional health this new prospect could provide, but you do not want it to fall through completely. You are immensely afraid of failure, and your heart will not let you forget that. Your heart will also not let you forget that emotional health and mental health are just as important to you, as well as time with family well spent.

This reading really helped me figure out and separate the two sides of myself that are fighting over this new prospect in my life. It appears I need to think about it some more, figure out the pros and cons, and speak with my family about my fears.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Until next time!
– Megan

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