There are many ways you can help support the work I’m doing here ‘Round the Cauldron. I want to keep the website ad-free. The podcast runs ads through Spotify. My YouTube videos run ads through YouTube.

The Ads

If you listen to the podcast on Spotify, there’s a chance you might hear an ad. Listening to the ad helps me earn a very small amount of money per episode. Seriously, I think it’s like a couple of dollars per thousand listens. The same is true of my videos on YouTube. Watching the ads helps me earn a very small amount of money for the videos I create.

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I crochet and have been for a long time. Over in my shop, you can find many different spiritual-based creations that directly help support my work. I also make things that aren’t spiritual because they’re fun to make, simple, or it helps diversify the things in my shop. If you crochet, I even have a few patterns for sale that I designed. I am also going to be putting some guided meditations back up in the shop soon.

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Head over to my shop and browse what I have available. I take custom order requests, accept most payment methods, and even have a layaway program!


Patreon is a subscription-based platform where people like you can support their favorite creators. Being a patron gets you some exclusive access to things before everyone else, a book club, and a monthly newsletter with a collective tarot reading. There are different levels of support but everyone gets the same thing.

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