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Thursday, January 6 2022

A Guide of Spirits by Chris Allaun || Book Review

"A Guide of Spirits teaches us how to guide the dying to the land of the ancestors in a way that is balancing and healing. It teaches us how to hep the person who is transitioning energetically and spiritually prepare for their final journey to the afterlife. Chris Allaun also shows the witch and healer how to escort earthbound spirits to the ancestral lands so they may find healing and rejuvenation." -- Book Blurb

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Monday, August 9 2021

Pagan Portals: Lugh || Book Review

I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions written in this review are mine alone.

"Lugh is a God of Ireland who is also found in other Celtic language speaking cultures, popular historically and just as well-loved today. A deity of kingship and battle, he led his people out of oppression. A God skilled in magic, he used his power to bless and curse. Multifaceted and known as the 'many-skilled', Lugh is an intriguing member of the Tuatha De Danann and we can learn a great deal about him through his mythology, by looking at his cognates in other related cultures, and his modern appearances." - Moon Books Blurb

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Monday, August 2 2021

The Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft || Book Review

I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions written in this review are mine alone.

The Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft is out September 28, 2021

"Challenge your assumptions about witchcraft, Paganism, and spiritual seeking and learn how to craft your own magical path with this timely and entertaining exploration of what it means to practice witchcraft from the host of the Inciting A Riot podcast.

If you’ve ever wanted to burn your ex’s old stuff in a trash can while drinking wine with your friends and reading tarot cards under the light of the full moon, you already know that magic is an essential part of our human existence. But what is magic, anyway? And are witches real? Where do I start if I want to build a deeper, more personal magical practice? (I mean…can I just make sh*t up?)" - Simon and Schuster Book Blurb

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Tuesday, June 18 2019

The Inner Mysteries || Book Review

"A look into the underlying principles behind modern magic in Witchcraft, this investigation provides an integrated training system for both solitary Witches and coven-based trainees in the form of magical energy practice and cosmology. By fully explaining the values of Witchcraft, this work makes numerous Wiccan practices approachable, including Circle casting, raising energy, elemental work, and drawing down the moon. Illustrating how Wicca is a modern, nondogmatic, and dynamic tradition still in a state of evolution, this book also features a history of the spirituality of Witchcraft." - Amazon Description

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Saturday, August 25 2018

Witch by Lisa Lister || Book Review


I can no longer say that I'm "on the fence about this book". After being educated about the ways this book talks about the "womb" and "women", this book is transphobic and not inclusive to all who practice witchcraft or any form of "alternative" spirituality. This book is no longer one I would ever recommend to anyone at all. The link to purchase this book has been removed, but I will leave the review up for transparency.

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