On the Topic of Gatekeeping

In the pagan and witchcraft – heck, even the spiritual community – the idea of gatekeeping gets thrown around a lot. Today, I want to discuss this topic with you and why it isn’t a concept that should be thrown around like salt during a cleansing.

The Storm is Already Here || Life Musings

I read through an article written by John Beckett on Patheos today called “The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation. It was written in June 2019, but it is interesting to see the correlations they have made between what is going on in the physical world versus the Otherworld. In his article, he discusses how, for many years now, a lot of pagans and spiritually-inclined people have felt that something was coming.

Altar Tour || My Personal Witch Space

I don’t often post about my own altar space because it changes almost daily. However, I decided to give you a tour of my personal altar space. This includes my worship altar for Brighid and my practical altar. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to my most recent podcast episode about four types of altars or watch it on YouTube.

Beginning My Depth Year

I’ve talked about it before, but I needed to get a baseline for my depth year. I want to delve deeper into my spirituality but also take way more time for myself. I can’t wait to bring everyone with me on this journey!

Winter Solstice Morning Reflections 2019

Part of my witchcraft and practice, in general, involves the every day – the mundane. I put a lot of love into my cooking, baking, and even in my coffee. I am responsible for the meals in my home for all five of us – my parents included. This was part of an agreement that I made with my parents when I decided to quit my day job and stay home to pursue what I really love. Since I do all the cooking, it gives me an opportunity to put a bit of love, energy, or healing into my cooking regularly for everyone to partake in. Solstice cookies are no different.

Forced Silence – Contemplation

However, I’ve been thinking about this forced silence this morning and what it might mean on a different level. To be silent. Normally, in the witch’s pyramid, that means to know when to keep quiet about aspects of your craft and how you practice. What does it mean here?

Autumn Hangs Heavy in the Air

The air of Autumn hangs heavy in the air. The chill of the morning frost kisses my skin before the sun has risen in the sky. Amber and gold sprinkle the horizon – the colors of fall are arriving for their fleeting moments, soon to be overtaken with the barren stillness of winter.