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  • I got my first scammer message on Instagram! – Dealing with Spiritual Scammers
    Scammers are running rampant all over social media. They impact the tarot community, witches, and many others outside of our spiritual niche. So how do … Read more
  • Are you a Spoonie Witch? [Podcast and Video]
    Today’s podcast topic was one that was recommended to me in my Discord server — so shout out to Blue and Ban for giving me this particular topic idea. I’m going to be talking about low spoons witchcraft or witchcraft for spoonies!
  • How to cleanse an object? || Four SIMPLE methods for easy cleansing!
    I made a new tarot pouch recently and it needed a good cleansing. I wanted to bring you along with me to show you four SIMPLE ways you can cleanse an object and only one requires smoke!
  • Can you use magic for personal gain? [Podcast Episode 122]
    Someone on YouTube asked me to clarify my thoughts on using magic for personal gain. I hadn’t done so in that particular video so here I am!
  • Cleaning and Redecorating my Witchcraft Altar || It’s been too long… ๐Ÿ˜…
    Join me in this ASMR-style video of an altar cleaning and cleansing ๐Ÿ’– Just as my garden went dormant, so too did my altar space. This happens and it’s okay. It had been a while since my altar saw any attention. Random objects had made their home on the surface, dust settled in, and so did stagnation. Taking the time to slowly clean and cleanse the space helped to refresh the energy and revitalize my spirit.
  • What is a Super Moon?
    Supermoons are everywhere lately. We see them talked about on social media by magical and non-magical people alike. Some people are enthralled by them and others don’t really care. But it seems like every full moon this year has been a “Supermoon”. So, I went on a minor mission to figure out what that phrase actually means, if it has any basis in science, or if it’s just a phrase people use when the full moon looks bigger than normal.

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