When you search online for witchcraft or pagan content, you often find a lot of tutorials, educational information, and guides. All of that is great considering how accessible witchcraft and paganism have become in the last 30 years, especially with the rise of the internet. What you don’t see often, though, is a witch’s real life. It’s hard to find blogs and videos from a witch just detailing what they go through, what’s on their mind, and how they live their lives both as a witch and a person.

I hope to change that! Here ’round the cauldron, you’ll find educational content and guides, but you’ll also find my personal blog posts. You’ll find information about crochet (and patterns!), parenting, and mental health. There is more to me than my practice, and I am more than just a witch.

So hello, my name is Megan – it’s nice to meet you!

I have been a pagan witch for more than 15 years, bouncing from one practice to another until I found something that felt like home. I’m also a mother, an AuDHDer, a partner, and so much more!

Recent Blog Posts

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  • Meditation Journal 2020 || FREE PRINTABLE

    A lot of people start their new year off on the right foot, wanting to bring mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their life. However, it never fails that these new year resolutions always end up dwindling down to be forgotten about.

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  • Sigil Magick – How to Make a Sigil

    A sigil is a magickal symbol created and used for a specific purpose. They are often used in ritual, tarot, and spell crafting to suit the needs of the witch. Each one is unique to a specific phrase or situation, and they can be crafted quickly and discreetly any time you need one. They can…

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  • Burn it Away || Banishing Spell

    Kicking bad habits can be hard, and kicking out negativity and negative people can be harder. Give your motivation and determination a boost

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  • Winter Solstice Morning Reflections 2019

    Part of my witchcraft and practice, in general, involves the every day – the mundane. I put a lot of love into my cooking, baking, and even in my coffee. I am responsible for the meals in my home for all five of us – my parents included. This was part of an agreement that…

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  • Tarot Three Card Reading – Past/Present/Future || FREE PRINTABLE

    When you’re first learning how to read tarot cards, I always recommend writing down your readings. Plus, starting with the simple three-card reading is one of the best and easiest ways to practice reading the cards. When you do a three-card reading, you ask a question and then get an answer in a three-fold way.…

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  • Witch Planner 2019 || FREE PRINTABLE

    I’ve always struggled with finding a planner page that I actually liked, so I decided to make one! Incorporating magick into my everyday routine has been something I’ve practiced for a long time. Having the right planner – and goals – helps to create the right mindset.

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  • Winter Witching – Snow Magick

    If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll know that I live in Central Oregon. Right now, we’re being hammered with a bomb cyclone and snow is just dumping on us. Hooray, right before the holiday! Anyway, I wanted to share some tips for you on witching during the winter and what to do with…

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  • The Witch’s Pyramid

    In my humble opinion, the witch’s pyramid is an essential part of learning witchcraft. It should be written in your book of shadows in one form or another as you learn. It should be committed to memory as a reminder of why you do what you do, what you believe, and the cost of those…

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  • Forced Silence – Contemplation

    However, I’ve been thinking about this forced silence this morning and what it might mean on a different level. To be silent. Normally, in the witch’s pyramid, that means to know when to keep quiet about aspects of your craft and how you practice. What does it mean here?

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