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  • My Oracle Card Experience – Moving Away from Tarot [VIDEO]
    Moving away from tarot was a nerve-wracking experience. It took me a while to admit the personal issues I was having with tarot. Though tarot will always have a place in my heart, and probably in my practice in the future, I’m really enjoying the […]
  • An Incense for Bealtaine
    I wanted to make this incense blend as sticks for easier burning but I guess the Gods have other plans. Either that, it’s because I’m way too forgetful and can’t remember where I put my makko powder! Anyway, if you want to know how I […]
  • Five FREE Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Witch
    I may be a bit cynical about greenwashing, eco-friendly marketing, and how corporations deal with Earth Day. It’s the one day out of the year where everyone pretends to care about the planet, the one day where people pledge to use less single-use plastics, where […]
  • Are you an Art Witch? [Video]
    What kind of ways do you incorporate art into your practice? Need inspiration?! I have that! In my own practice, I like to incorporate painting, music, and crochet (of course!). Art is as versatile as you can make it, so if you haven’t already, take […]
  • Finding the Magic in the Mundane
    Our lives in this century are so busy. We have work. We have children. We have parents or people to take care of. We plan elaborate (or simple) rituals and spells, but then life happens and our plans get thrown to the wayside. We have […]
  • Inspiration from Rock Bay
    It’s not often that a work of fiction inspires me in my personal practice, but I have been meaning to write about this book series for a long time. The Rituals of Rock Bay is a book series written by author and Druid M.A. Phillips, […]

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