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An Incense for Bealtaine

I wanted to make this incense blend as sticks for easier burning but I guess the Gods have other plans. Either that, it’s because I’m way too forgetful and can’t remember where I put my makko powder! Anyway, if you want to know how I make incense sticks with makko powder, you can check out my video on that here.

Today, I am making a specific blend of incense to be used during a Bealtaine celebration this weekend. I wanted to share this process with you to show you how easy it can be to craft your own incense for use on a charcoal disc in a cauldron.

What is Bealtaine?

Bealtaine, or anglicized as Beltane, is one of four Celtic Fire Festivals. This is another time of year where the land of the sídhe is closer to our own. Bealtaine means ‘the month of May’ in Irish and is a word still used today. There are many original folk customs related to Bealtaine, some of them including placing green branches over the doors ‘to keep out the fairies’ [1] and washing your face in the morning dew.

The Incense Blend

Juniper, Snake Shed, and Lavender

This specific incense is made with divination, Brigid, and liminality in mind. Without giving away too many details of my personal plans, this incense will be used during a small ritual in which I will commune with my Gods, ask for protection and cleansing, and a few other more personal things. So, let’s talk about the ingredients.


This juniper is some that I have kept since my move from Oregon to Florida. If you didn’t know, that happened in June of 2020 so I’ve kept it for about two years. I dried this juniper myself and it is a plant ally that I feel very connected with. Juniper is commonly used in the Scottish practice of saining, though that’s a specific practice that I don’t partake in. For me, Juniper represents a liminality, a connection with the land, purification, and spirituality.

Megan pinches the incense blend in the pestle and mortar.
The incense after grinding.


Everyone knows lavender. It’s a calming flower that I have had such a difficult time growing on my own. This flower is being added to my incense for it’s calming nature, for the struggles I’ve had, and because I like the way it smells as it burns.

Snake Shed

Snakes are a sacred animal for me that have connections to a few Gods in my practice. The snake shed is being included in this incense as a trial to see if it will burn, for one. I have never done that before. Two, this is a representation of transformation, shedding, and growth that I am undergoing. The snake shed I have is ethically sourced from the natural process of shedding of my own snakes.


The incense blend burns on a charcoal disc.
It burns beautifully and gives great smoke for divination.

Overall, I am happy with the blend, the fragrance, and the way it burns. I think this will make a wonderful addition to my Bealtaine celebrations. I think I will burn this during my ritual but also during my baking! Feel free to use it and adapt it to suit your needs if you want.

Bealtaine blessings to you and your family!


[1] Dú

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