Becoming a Witch in a Week?

She spent a week “becoming a witch”, but her article falls short of being respectful. The Independent continuing to let this article slide is clear communication from the editor(s) in charge that they don’t care about the discriminating and offensive nature of their journalist poking at an entire group of people and their belief systems.

Shadow Work – Embrace the Darkness to Become Whole

We hear about shadow work in the spiritual sphere often, but many people don’t know what it is and what it involves. I think it’s fitting to talk about shadow work at the beginning of the year, especially as we approach the first full moon of 2020. If you Google the term “shadow work”, you’ll find that most of the results that come back to you are going to be psychologically related. This is because shadow work started with psychology and a man named Carl Jung.

Beginning My Depth Year

I’ve talked about it before, but I needed to get a baseline for my depth year. I want to delve deeper into my spirituality but also take way more time for myself. I can’t wait to bring everyone with me on this journey!