5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Waste

Today, I want to talk about five simple ways that you can reduce your waste. Now, as a pagan, living an earth-centric life is important to me. Living in an eco-conscious way is important to me and the way that I practice. So, I wanted to give you five tips for reducing your waste. You’d be surprised how much waste you actually accumulate once you start to pay attention.

Lughnasadh || A Brief History of the First Harvest

The Wheel has turned again and we are slowly making our approach to Lughnasadh. As the First Harvest and one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, did you know that Lughnasadh has been celebrated for many, many years? In ancient Ireland, it was celebrated as Lughnasadh – the first harvest of the season. Now, it is more commonly known as Lammas, the anglicized version of the name. So, what is Lughnasadh and why do we celebrate it?

On the Topic of Gatekeeping

In the pagan and witchcraft – heck, even the spiritual community – the idea of gatekeeping gets thrown around a lot. Today, I want to discuss this topic with you and why it isn’t a concept that should be thrown around like salt during a cleansing.