New Month Tarot Spread – Revisited

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I created a new month tarot spread a while ago and I’ve been meaning to revisit the spread for a while now. This is a tarot spread that I use for myself every month. It is also a reading you can get from my shop or, if you’re a patron, you get one free every month. So, why did I want to revisit this topic? Well, there are a few reasons. The first reason is that at the beginning of the month, this is the most-used search term that gets people to my site. The second is that, even though it is popular, people still have questions.

A Lesson in the Seven of Swords

For those of us who use divination regularly, we know the importance of regular practice. Pulling some tarot cards every month for yourself with the spread I created can help give you some insight into what the following month might hold. The spread I created uses four cards pulled and arranged in a circle. I realized in my original post that I didn’t give clear explanations for each card pulled and left it up to the reader’s intuition. Over time, I have received many questions from other readers using my spread about different cards pulled and how they should or could be interpreted. I wanted to offer some clarification in my thought process for this spread as well as an explanation of the meaning behind the questions.

What the Spread Means

I have the questions and my explanations listed below. Keep in mind that these explanations and clarifications for the new month tarot spread are based on my own method of reading tarot. Feel free to use this spread and interpret it in a way that works for your style of reading.

New Month Tarot Spread

What is the theme of the month?

This card symbolizes the general overarching theme for the month. This could include something you might struggle with, something that might be introduced, or something that might happen. For example, if you pull the Two of Cups as the theme card, this could indicate that your month will focus on a loving relationship or partnership. It could also signify that your focus for that month will be primarily emotional since the card is a cup card.

What events or ideas are influencing me this month?

The influences in the new month tarot spread are subjective. In the way I read the cards in this spread, this card points to influences from my past – events, concepts, etc. – that will be affecting the decisions I make for the month. For example, if you pull the Strength card, this could indicate that your strength and courage will be used for the month to overcome the roadblock for the month.

What roadblocks may get in the way for me this month?

This is a card that seems to stump a lot of people when “positive” cards come into the reading. I get it. That can be confusing. The card that shows up in this spot represents something that will be getting in your way this month; your possibility can be hindered by the card that shows up here. If you think about it, there are times when “positive” cards can get in the way. An example that I use is The Star. If The Star shows up as a roadblock for you this month, it could be an indicator that you are overly hopeful. You may be seeing the situation through rose-colored glasses and, instead of being overly hopeful and ignoring the bad, you need to be more realistic about whatever is going on.

What are the possibilities for the month?

This last card can be interpreted in two different ways. In my own new month tarot readings, this card often represents what the possibilities are if I am able to overcome the roadblock and move past the hindrance. It could also be read as a representation of what will happen if you don’t overcome the roadblock or hindrance. This part is up to you and may change from reading to reading.

Reading with the new month tarot spread can be a great way for you to stay connected to your cards if you don’t read every day. It is also great practice in interpreting multiple cards pulled together. After I read each card individually, I then read them all together. Some cards, when combined, may have different meanings and connotations. This, again, is up to your own interpretation.

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