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Magick Sigil Ink || Witchy DIY

Magick sigil ink is simply that — a special ink that you create using ingredients chosen with intention and correspondences that fit the sigil’s purpose. Today on YouTube, I released a video detailing my very simple method for creating this ink and I wanted to share it with you here, too.

The Purpose of Magick Sigil Ink

For me, the creation of the ink to be used for specific purposes and intentions adds a significant boost of energy, intention, and power behind my sigils. The ingredients I choose correspond with my intention, and the act of creating and mixing the ingredients together weave part of my spell. Creating a specific ink is not required for creating a sigil, but it can be helpful if it’s something you choose to do.

The Process

You’re first going to want to choose your ingredients. Use your own correspondence list and what you have on hand that can be ground into a powder. For example, you may choose to add salt for protection, dried roses for love, or chili powder for a kick in the pants.

Grind your ingredients and mix them together to form as fine of a powder as you can. Then, mix your powder with an emulsifier (I use witch hazel) and water. The amount is going to depend, and you may need to experiment with the ratios depending on your ingredients. I typically use a ratio of 1:1 or 1:3 witch hazel and water.

Shake your container, or stir the ink together. The more powder you have, the darker or more prominent the ink will be when you use it. Then when you’re reading, dip a paintbrush, stick, or your finger into the ink and draw your sigil.

You can use this ink whenever you need to, but I recommend only creating small batches at a time. The ink may not keep for very long depending on the ingredients you use.

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