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The World calls us to celebrate our wins and reflect on our journey. How does The World present for you?

The World – Description

The World card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. A naked woman floats on a blue background surrounded by a laurel wreath, clouds, and four figures.

Let’s talk about what The World card actually looks like. Here you can see an image of The World card from the Rider-Waite deck. The most notable thing in this card is the fact that it depicts a naked woman who is surrounded by a flowing ribbon – she seems to be floating in the sky. Surrounding her is a laurel wreath and then in each corner of the card is a different figure. If you’ll notice, too, the woman is holding two wands.

You can see that the woman in the picture is looking backward, looking toward her past, while moving forward toward her future. The laurel wreath in this image is symbolic of the cyclical nature of life. Everything moves in cycles, in circles, and it’s really neverending. It is infinite. The wands in her hand are symbolic of the knowledge that The World has gained moving through the journey beginning from The Fool all the way to where The Fool is now. If you remember from The Magician – The Magician holds one wand. In this case, The World now holds two wands.

This really symbolizes the journey that The Fool has been on this entire time; from their first encounter with The Magician until now, they have gained the knowledge that they need to move forward onto the next phase or cycle of their life. And then lastly, depending on who you ask and the way they interpret the cards, the four figures on the card can be symbolic of zodiac signs, of the different elements, of the different suits in tarot – or even the cycle of life and how you move through phases. But that’s going to be very subjective and that’s going to depend on how you interpret the cards or how you have learned to interpret the cards.

The World – Upright

Completion – Accomplishment

When The World shows up in your reading in the upright position, the two words that I want you to keep in mind are completion and accomplishment. Usually, when The World shows up, you have come to the end of a cycle of a long-term goal. And this long-term goal could be simple or it could be complex. That’s really going to be subjective, but The World is telling you that you’ve done it. You’ve reached the end of that part of your journey. It’s time for you to celebrate and really revel in your successes.

I want to stress the fact here that a long-term goal is going to be subjective. This could be as simple as finishing that book that you really wanted to read or as complex as finally finishing that master’s degree! This is the beauty of tarot in this instance. It is entirely subjective, but just know that when The World shows up in your reading, you have reached that goal. If you haven’t quite reached the goal, know that you’re almost there. You just need to push through a little harder, a little further, so that you can reach the end and celebrate your success.

The World in the upright position is also a reminder to you that it’s okay to celebrate your successes. You have done this huge thing for yourself! Take some time to rest, relax, and reflect on your journey. Then celebrate!

Another side to The World card is a symbolism of travel. The World could literally reflect your need to travel, your desire to travel, some form of travel and exploration. I don’t find that to be as common for me in my personal readings, but that is another way to interpret The World.

The World – Reversed

Delays – Closure

When The World shows up in your reading in the reversed position, the two words that I want you to keep in mind are delays and closure. Closure is a keyword here is because The World can show you that something in your past is hindering you and keeping you from achieving your goals. It could even be keeping you from moving forward toward a specific goal. You will need to get closure in whatever (healthy) manner that you can. Then you’ll be able to get out of your own way and make some progress.

Another more common meaning that I find with The World is that it shows up when you’re getting in your own way. For some reason, you’re not taking those steps to make progress. So, The World in the reversed position is saying that you need to get out of your own way so that you can move forward.

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