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By far one of the happiest cards in tarot, The Sun has a lot to bring to us!

The Sun – Description

In the image of The Sun card from the Rider-Waite deck, you can immediately see that it is a happy and joyous card. The aspects in the card that jump out include the bright sun in the background, the four sunflowers, and the child riding a white horse.

So, first we can talk about the symbolism of the different characters and aspects of the card. The naked child symbolizes purity and vulnerability, but more along the lines of having nothing to hide. Everything is out in the open, you are who you are and that’s just how it is. The white horse symbolizes strength and, again, purity. Then you have the four sunflowers, which, depending on the source that you look at, those can either represent the four elements or the four suits in tarot: the cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. And then obviously you have the main feature of The Sun in the major Arcana and that is the sun. There’s a very bright large sun in the background of this card.

The Sun – Upright

Positivity – Warmth – Fun

So, when The Sun shows up in your reading in the upright position, it really brings all three of those aspects forward in your life – positivity, warmth, and fun. It brings with it a sense of abundance, radiance, joy, and happiness. It is the epitome of what you think of when you think of the warmth of the sun. It can also be a sign to you that wherever you go in the world, this is why people are drawn to you. They are drawn to you for your warmth, for your positivity and the energy that you exude.

If you happen to be going through a rough time and The Sun shows up in your readings, it is a sign to you that you need to keep pushing forward and that brighter and better days are just beyond the horizon. Lastly, The Sun in the upright position can show up in your readings when you experience a burst of energy. This could be physical energy, mental energy, or spiritual energy. Overall, The Sun in the upright position is a very positive card.

The Sun – Reversed

Childlike – Overly Optimistic – Depressed Mood

So, in the reversed position, The Sun represents things that are childlike, maybe you are overly optimistic, or you are experiencing a depressed mood. One of the main reasons that The Sun will show up in your reading in the reversed position is if you feel like you’re lost. It’s calling to your inner child to come out and play and you need to open up and be more childlike. Maybe you need to see things from a different perspective.

You might also be struggling to see the bright side of a situation. Maybe something is going on in your life and you’re struggling. You can’t see anything except for the downside to the situation. The Sun in the reversed position will show up in your reading to tell you that you need to find the bright side of this situation. Almost every situation has a silver lining. What is yours? And then lastly, if The Sun shows up in your reading in the reversed position, maybe you’re being too optimistic. This can be the card that really symbolizes having your hopes too high, having expectations that are too high, and not realizing that eventually that’s all going to come crashing down around you. You might be focusing on a situation and only seeing the best possible outcomes and really refusing to see all of the outcomes and the bigger picture of what might happen. So, in the reversed position, The Sun can show up to say, hey, you need to look at everything before you move on and either make a decision or press forward with the situation.

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