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How to make Loose Incense

If you’ve ever wondered how to make loose incense yourself, I definitely recommend trying it out. The process is simple! Find the plant you want, dry it out, crush it up, and then burn it. Loose incense can be a smoke-free option for incense if you’re in a position where you can’t burn things such as a dorm room. This loose incense can be used in an oil diffuser with a candle OR in an electric diffuser for the added benefit of being flame-free. It can also be burned on a charcoal disc, but for this method, I use my oil diffuser.

The Process

Step One
Choose the plant – or plant combination – that you want for your incense. Be sure to check that what you choose to burn is actually safe to do so.

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Step Two
Dry out your plant(s). This can be done in the oven, in a dehydrator, or by hanging them. If you put them in a dehydrator, follow the instructions for your appliance. If drying them out in the oven, only use the lowest possible temperature (between 100-170F) and keep an eye on them. The baking times will vary depending on the oven and the plant. If you’re hanging them to dry, just check them every day to make sure they’re drying properly.

Step Three
Grind your plant as fine as you can get it. Again, you have some options here. I used a pestle and mortar, but you can use what you have available.

Step Four
Put a base oil in your diffuser tray. NEVER use water as your base. The water will evaporate and cause the incense to burn way too hot. It leaves your diffuser open to cracking or breaking.

Step Five
Sprinkle some of your loose incense in the oil, light the tealight candle, and enjoy the aroma of your new incense.

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