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I will never understand why people hang images of this tarot card in their home! The Moon is a Major Arcana card that symbolizes things hidden in the shadows of ourselves. These can cause us to project our fears and anxieties into our waking life.

The Moon – Description

For me, the first impression I get from this card is that it’s got a very anxiety-inducing feel to it. I mean, maybe it’s just because I know what the card means, but let’s talk about the different characters that you can see in the card.

So, the first one that is the most prominent is The Moon and in the Rider-Waite deck, the moon has a face. Then there are two animals that are howling at the moon. This is a dog and a wolf. There is also a crayfish that is crawling out of the water. There are also two pillars and there is a winding path that leads out of the pool of the water across the card and through the mountains in the distance. Each one of these characters and aspects of the card has a significant meaning.

The Moon in this card represents our intuition and our subconscious mind. With that in mind, The Moon illuminates a path from our conscious to our unconscious, but not as bright as something like the sun. So, it illuminates it with a dimmer light.

The wolf and the dog that are on the ground howling up at The Moon actually represent our tameness and our wildness – the two different sides of our mind. They can be seen as the conscious and the unconscious, it just depends on how you interpret the tame versus wild.

The crayfish on the ground that is emerging from the water represents the emerging intuition and the beginnings of consciousness. And then lastly, the path that is winding out of the water into the distance in the mountains is symbolic of the path of life that we choose. It also represents the path from our consciousness to our subconscious and the way that light from The Moon illuminates the decisions, the anxieties, and the fears that we hold in our unconscious mind.

The Moon – Upright

Illusion – Fear – Anxiety

Now, in the upright position, The Moon represents illusion, fear, and anxiety. This is part of the reason that I don’t understand why people keep this in their homes as decoration. So, importantly, The Moon in the upright position represents our fears. This is one of the most important cards in regard to shadow work and uncovering deep anxieties that you might be feeling. These can be caused by repressed emotions, memories, or situations and past experiences that you either don’t want to deal with or you haven’t dealt with.

When The Moon shows up in your reading in the upright position, it could be a sign that this is something you’re dealing with. You might be dealing with emotions on a really deep level that maybe you have repressed. This is causing you to project that fear and anxiety into your waking life. With The Moon in the upright position, nothing is what it appears to be. Since you are probably projecting these fears and anxieties into your waking life, if The Moon shows up in the upright position and you have a decision to make, I strongly advise you to hold off on any decision making. Wait until the energy of The Moon has passed and your path is more illuminated.

When The Moon shows up in your reading in the upright position, you really need to dig deep and do some shadow work. Try to figure out why these fears and anxieties are being projected into your waking life. What is causing them to come out of the shadow?

The Moon – Reversed

Releasing Fear – Repressed Emotion – Inner Confusion

When The Moon shows up in your reading in the reversed position, it’s all about releasing fear, repressed emotions, and inner confusion. Keeping with the theme of The Moon in the upright position, the moon in the reversed position shows that you have been dealing with the fear and anxiety that you’ve been feeling. Whether or not you’re dealing with them in a healthy manner is up to you, but The Moon is here to show you in the reversed position that yes, you are on the right path and you are dealing with the repressed emotions and fear that you’ve been feeling.

In the reversed position, it also serves as a reminder that as you’re working through these feelings, it will be very easy to fall into the trap of pushing them back down and not dealing with them. Dealing with the repressed emotions that are leading to the projection of fear and anxiety into your waking life is something that needs to be done. It’s very freeing and it will help you understand yourself better.

On another note, The Moon in the reversed position can show up in your reading if you have been experiencing any sort of psychic messages. If you’re receiving messages from your guides or your gods, The Moon shows you that these might be confusing. So, when The Moon shows up in your reading in the reversed position, I recommend keeping a journal. Write down information about thoughts and emotions that you may be experiencing that don’t seem like your own. They might be confusing to you, but it’s very possible that they are messages from your guides and your gods. It’s good to have those written down so that you can reflect back on them when you are out of this funk that The Moon puts you in.

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