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The Storm is Already Here || Life Musings

I read through an article written by John Beckett on Patheos today called “The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation. It was written in June 2019, but it is interesting to see the correlations they have made between what is going on in the physical world versus the Otherworld. In his article, he discusses how, for many years now, a lot of pagans and spiritually-inclined people have felt that something was coming.

“When we talk about “The Storm” or “Tower Time” or “The Long Descent” we’re referring to a series of events and phenomena that are difficult and unpleasant, but mainly that don’t fit our ideas about the world and the way it’s supposed to work. And not just one or two strange and unusual occurrences, but one after another after another.

Some of these things are clearly caused by humans. Some we’ve seen before, in history if not in our own lives. Others are novel and of indeterminate origin. Individually, any one of them can be rationalized away. Taken together, they point toward something bigger.” – John Beckett

I have felt something like this coming for a while now.

If I remember right, at the end of my second or third podcast episode, I made a prediction about things that were coming. Now, these episodes were at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 and I honestly can’t find the clip of my prediction right now. I do remember, though, that I talked about feeling something coming. Something big was happening and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

Maybe this is it? Maybe it is this storm that people are talking about? It could be a great awakening in the minds of many people who were otherwise asleep or oblivious to the things they held dear. I saw someone mention an idea of Corporate Worship and the Illusion of Certainty and I feel like those two phrases hold true with what we’re currently experiencing.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand or even realize how dependant they are on corporations and businesses to provide for them. These corporations and businesses pay their bills, provide food, medicine, housing, etc. And the general population is okay with that simply because it has always been this way.

But it hasn’t.

I’m not going to lie to you. I depend on those corporations and businesses that feed my family and provide us with clothes in exchange for money. But I’m also not blind to that dependence. I believe that, whenever possible, you should always try to accomplish things on your own. This could mean growing your own food, making your own clothes, and trading with your community for things you need.

That’s an idealistic way of looking at things, though. I know that without massive change, that won’t happen in my lifetime. That doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to try. I will still teach my child about the animals and plants around her. I will continue to show her how to grow her own food. I will continue to let her know where she comes from.

I will also continue my working and worship relationship with Brighid, forge new relationships with other Irish deities, and cultivate a sense of belonging and understanding with the land around me. I will instill that same sense of gratitude and reverence in my child so that she may pass it to her children.

We have forgotten our wildness – and we must get it back.

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