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I don’t often post about my own altar space because it changes almost daily. However, I decided to give you a tour of my personal altar space. This includes my worship altar for Brighid and my practical altar. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to my most recent podcast episode about four types of altars or watch it on YouTube.

My altar space is kind of small, but there are things that I tend to keep on or around my altar even on days where I switch it up. These include my tarot cards, my incense burner, and a piece of jewelry. I also have a little fairy statue – supposed to be a candle holder – that I keep coins in for the Good Neighbors.

Worship Altar

On my worship altar, I always have my offering bowl and at least one candle. The offering bowl is a beautiful crystal bowl that I believe belonged to my grandmother – I’m not sure. This is always on my altar and every morning gets filled with the first sip of coffee from my coffee cup. Coffee is sacred to me in the morning, mainly for it’s ability to wake up me, but sacrificing that first sip is something that I do for Brighid.

I also keep my incense burner on my worship altar because some days I choose to burn incense instead of a candle. My incense burner is made from a piece of reclaimed Ponderosa pine from my yard and my boyfriend helped me make it. It is hand carved and very special to me.

Practical Altar

My practical altar in my room mainly consists of the shelf I use to store my crochet supplies. Since I crochet in honor of Brighid, I consider this to be a practical altar. My crochet has practical, spiritual, and magickal meaning to me and therefore has a place in my altar space. This also helps me to keep in mind the fact that I crochet in Her honor. Keeping my crochet supplies in my sacred space keeps me in that right mindset when I go to use them.

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