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4 Tips for Creating a Consistent Meditation Practice

I have trouble meditating on a regular basis just because. I get busy or lazy (or both) and sometimes I just forget. I know I can’t be the only one, so I’ve gathered four of my best – and easiest – tips to help you build a consistent meditation practice.

Be Consistent

Schedule out a block of time in your day and meditate. So, this could be any time that you have a little bit of extra time. When you meditate, especially when you’re first starting to build a meditation practice, you don’t need to meditate for 20-30 minutes or an hour. Five minutes is just fine. So, if you have to wake up five minutes earlier in the morning to meditate, wake up five minutes earlier. If you want to meditate on your lunch break at work? Meditate on your lunch break. You want to meditate before bed? Do that! But you need to be consistent in when you meditate and the length of time that you meditate when you first start. If you have to, schedule it out in your schedule.

Find a Style the Works for You

Now, the whole sit down and quiet your mind type of meditation is not going to work for everyone. You might need to do some experimentation with different forms of meditation to find one that works for you and that really benefits you in whatever way you need. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with the different styles of meditation. You could even mix and match them because the whole point of meditation, in my opinion, is not to make sure that you’re “doing it right” but to make sure that you’re doing it actively and consistently in order to receive the benefits from the meditation.

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Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you skip days or if you miss days and just try to ease yourself back into the practice. Things happen, and you can’t beat yourself up over the fact that you missed a day or two, or a week. You just need to ease yourself back into it and don’t get discouraged. Sometimes creating consistency is hard, especially if you tend to be a busy person or if it’s not something that you’re used to. So, be easy on yourself and give yourself a break if you need to.

Use a Meditation Object

Another tip that I have in building a meditation practice is to use something on a consistent basis. Now, what I mean by something is like a meditation shawl or mudras. There are studies that show that using the same thing over and over again can help to train your brain, essentially. So, for me, I have meditation shawls. I use a meditation shawl regularly whenever I meditate. I also make them and I have some available in my shop. But for me, using a meditation shawl on a regular basis during my meditations helps to remind my body and let my spiritual body know that it’s time to meditate. It’s time to relax. We’re going into this with a purpose and it helps you enter that meditative state faster because it’s a physical reminder to the body and the brain of what’s about to happen.

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