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As a card that embodies chaos and sudden change, the tower scares a lot of people when it comes up on their readings. It can be a scary card, but just like the rest of the Tarot, it has a message for you.

The Tower – Description

The Tower scares a lot of people. So, my sister-in-law actually told me that it – a good way to describe the Tower card is when the media – when you see in movies talking about tarot and how tarot is scary, they always show you the Devil card. And she said that if you want to show tarot as being scary, you should show people the Tower card because of what the Tower card stands for.

So, within the Tower card, obviously, there’s the tower. That is the prominent figure within the card. And then there is a bolt of lightning that is hitting the top of the tower, a crown that is falling off of the tower, and there are people falling out of the tower. You can also see that the foundation that the tower is built on looks kind of shaky. Everything within this card really embodies the idea of instability and chaos.

The Tower – Upright

Sudden Change – Chaos

So, when the Tower appears in your reading in the upright position, the two main things that it embodies are sudden change and chaos. Now, the card itself really symbolizes that your goals and ambitions were built on shaky ground. It also symbolizes, with the lightning strike, that you are being hit with a sudden surge of energy in one form or another. And that could lead to new ideas and different ambition activities. So, in the upright position, the first thing that you can probably expect is a massive upheaval. You should expect the unexpected, expect chaos, expect change. And with the Tower, this doesn’t happen on a small scale. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be changing jobs. When the Tower shows up in your reading, you might be changing jobs but it’s going to be chaotic and really unexpected in the manner that it happens. Maybe you get fired. Maybe your supervisor gets into an accident and you are suddenly promoted. It’s not a card to be taken lightly and it’s not a card that, when it shows up in your reading, thinks are all hunky-dory and everything is great, you know. It is the card that embodies chaos.

There’s also another side to the Tower though in the upright position, and that is looking at it from the vantage point of the lightning strike. So, you might have built your ideas and your goals on a shaky foundation, but that lightning strike, that surge of energy and inspiration that’s coming in and causing this chaos is doing it to break down that instability and basically cut through your crap so that you can see the situation for what it is. Maybe you need to let the chaos happen so that you can rebuild on a solid foundation so you have a solid ground to build forward from and you’re not building on rocks that are going to crumble when too much weight is put on top of them.

If you are really in tune with yourself spiritually, the Tower can come to you as a warning sign that something is coming, and it’s going to be something that you probably already felt happening. The Tower is just here to confirm that for you. 

The Tower – Reversed

Personal Transformation – Fear of Change

Now, when the Tower shows up in your reading in the reversed position, the general idea of the card remains the same, but it manifests a little differently. So, the Tower in the reversed position is about personal transformation and the fear of change. So, in the reversed position of the Tower, instead of you being the one that built the Tower on shaky ground, you were the lightning strike. You are coming in and you are really just dismantling your own beliefs and your own thought processes to get to the bottom of what the truth is for you.

On the other end of that, if you don’t feel like that is something you are doing, the Tower card in the reversed position is going to be here to show you that you are resisting that change that is necessary to move yourself forward, to dismantle those beliefs and those core values that you think you hold to find what is true for you. You are in denial of that particular situation and of those things, and the Tower in the reversed position is saying that you need to strike that way of thinking down to really get to the bottom of what you truly believe and how you truly feel.

And again, just like the Tower in the upright position, in the reversed position, the Tower can also be a sign of forewarning to you if you are spiritually in tune, but it is a forewarning sign of a personal transformation that is going to happen or that needs to happen. Not necessarily a transformation that is being forced upon you or happening from the outside in, this transformation is happening from the inside out. 

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