February Check-In || Depth Year 2020 Update

I can’t believe it’s already March…

This is a super long, but super rambly, depth year 2020 update. You can either read about it, download the transcript, or watch the video!


Body Issues

I don’t really have a big update on the spiritual side of things besides the fact that I am incorporating more meditation. I’m getting better at that, I swear. I was doing yoga, really just intuitive yoga. I wasn’t following any sort of videos or yoga flows. However, I am having some body issues and – I guess I can talk about that. So, for the last several years, I have had an issue with my upper back. Now, in I think 2016, I was in a car accident. I was rear-ended and went to the ER and they didn’t do any diagnostics. Nothing. They say, oh you’re fine like, you were just rear-ended. No big deal, right? Okay, whatever. Well, fast forward to 2018 and it was just getting unbearable. And I went to the doctor. They took x-rays and all of my x-rays came back normal. No broken bones, nothing of the sort.

So, after going to physical therapy in Nevada it got progressively better. But it was always there. Fast forward several years later and it just is getting to be too much. I went and spoke with my current doctor in December 2019 and she sent me back to physical therapy – which I figured would happen. The physical therapist at my evaluation told me I would benefit from more physical therapy, even though I have been doing the stretches and exercise from my first round of physical therapy in 2018. However…my insurance decided to deny me physical therapy visits. I waited for a few months and saw my doctor again in February and told her that something has to give. I’m 28 years old and this is not okay. So, she sent me to see a chiropractor which, surprisingly, insurance covers the evaluation.

I saw the chiropractor for my evaluation and he got all of my history, etc. And then, he took x-rays. So, the x-rays that he took…he took at least I want to say 10 to 15 x-ray images. He took an x-ray of my neck, and as soon as he took the x-ray he said, oh I found a problem. And I’m like, what’s wrong with my neck? I looked at the x-ray myself, and my neck curvature is backward. And so, he told me your neck curves the wrong way. And I’m like, what do you mean my neck curves the wrong way? Are you sure? So, I said, let me see the x-ray!

And so, it makes sense that I would be having all of these upper back issues because, with my neck curving the opposite direction, that essentially is pulling and irritating and inflaming all of the muscles that are connected in that area of my body. And I don’t know how it can be fixed with chiropractic care. There is something that they do there, I don’t know. I haven’t gone back for another visit because I have to wait for insurance to approve my visits. So, I don’t know what I’m going to do if insurance denies me because this sucks.

Relearning Old Hobbies

So, in other news…I am relearning how to play the flute! I played the flute when I was in jr. high so I was like, 11, 12, 13 years old. I did not play the flute in high school because I didn’t want to be part of marching band. And then I played the flute again in college. So, I have not played the flute in about 10 years. But it’s always been something that I love to do, so I got a flute. And basically, my whole idea of spending less money in my depth year went out the window. Because the flute…I mean, I’m not going to lie. The flute was cheap. It’s a used version and it was donated to the instrument repair shop and the nice man there basically said, you know, this was donated to us so if you want it, you can pay for the adjustment and the repadding and you can have it. It’s yours. So, I only paid like $160 for it, which is still a lot of money than what I normally spend. But I love it so much. I love it so much! Now, if only my back would cooperate so that I could actually play it for long periods of time like I want to.


And in other news, we are moving. Now, this is a really big thing for us because, if you’re not in the United States, you won’t know this. But we are moving from one side of the country to the other. We are currently in Oregon and we are moving to Florida in June. We are moving. It is final. We have put the deposit down for the movers and we’re leaving. There’s a couple of reasons. A lot of them have to do with the fact that, while snow is beautiful to look at, we all hate it. It’s a bitch to drive in. We just don’t like it. We don’t enjoy it, and the cold weather is not good for my mom. So, we have family in Florida – my sister lives in Florida, and we’re moving in June. Across the country! So, we’re all pretty stressed out and anxious about that. And it’s not just me, my boyfriend, and my daughter. It is all of us. All five of us, my parents included. We are moving to Florida. Thousands of miles away from where we currently are. It’s going to take us like…four days to drive there.


o Rebekah AKA Soulvaluntaria: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFp4K50SFzz7e_DQxbMS5tg
o Depth Year 2020? https://youtu.be/neo523my7K0

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