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Justice is about seeking the truth and weeding through the deception – both within yourself and the world around you. How do you seek justice? Do the scales of justice weigh in your favor?

Justice – Description

So, you can see in the image, there is a person sitting in their chair. They look all high and mighty, and very judge-like. They hold a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. They’re wearing a red robe, they have a crown on their head, and there are pillars in the background with a veil in between. So, the sword that this person is holding symbolizes the logical mindset that is necessary for carrying out justice in a proper manner. The sword is double-edged, and it is a reminder to us that all actions have consequences, whether good or bad. The scales of justice that they hold are a reminder to use that our intuition and our logical mindset must be in balance for justice to be served properly. There cannot be bias or prejudice if we are to be proper in our judgments and the judgments from those around us. And then the pillars are similar to the ones that you see in the High Priestess card. The pillars here represent the need for balance and structure when making decisions and passing judgment.

Justice – Upright

Fairness – Truth – Cause and Effect

In the upright position, the Justice card really symbolizes fairness, truth, and cause and effect. When it shows up in your readings in the upright position, it could be a sign to you that you are being called to answer for your actions, whether good or bad. If you have been behaving properly and really following the structures and the order of the way things are supposed to go, and you have been acting morally and ethically correct, then you have nothing to worry about. It can also show up in your reading if you are seeking justice – maybe you are going through a court case or something just doesn’t seem right. The justice card will show up to let you know that you will get the justice that you seek, and everything will work out the way that it’s supposed to happen.

But it is also a reminder to us that we always need to seek the truth, and that the truth is not always black and white. Things aren’t always as they appear, and what might be good-appearing could turn out to be bad. And then lastly, it may show up in your reading if you are struggling to make a decision on something. Then the Justice card will let you know that you need to make the decision carefully. You need to weigh the pros and cons and really think about the actions that you are about to take because whatever actions you do take will have consequences for the well-being of yourself and those around you.

Justice – Reversed

Dishonesty – Bias and Prejudice – Unfairness

In the reversed position, Justice often means the opposite of the upright position. So, it means things along the lines of dishonesty, bias and prejudice, and unfairness. It could be a sign to you, a wakeup call, that’s saying hey, you know that you did something that you shouldn’t have done. You made the wrong decision, and now that has to weigh on your mind and you need to decide where you’re going to go from here. It can also show up in your reading if you are trying to get away with something that you know you shouldn’t have done. And you need to decide whether or not you’re just going to sneak away and get away with it because no one noticed, or if you’re going to own up to your actions and admit your mistake.

The Justice card is also here to let you know that whatever decision you make, you need to make it without bias and without prejudice because those are things that are weighing on your mind currently. And then lastly, if you are involved in a legal struggle, the Justice card can show up to let you know that the situation is not as black and white as you think it is, and that something is going to be impeding justice. It’s going to slow down the process and you may disagree with the decisions that are made by the people in power.

o Rider-Waite Deck: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rider-Waite_tarot_deck

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