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Imbolg is a time of spring-cleaning for most people. For us witches, that normally means cleaning house, but also cleansing house. For that reason, I always try to create an Imbolg Protection powder. Today, I’m sharing my DIY with you! Imbolg is a great time to take advantage of the fresh energy being brought forth into the year. I like to do this by creating a protection and blessing powder for my home. Using eggshells and herbs of your choice, this powder is a simple yet effective method of cleansing your home and welcoming in the wanted energy.

What you need…

  • eggshells
  • herbs
  • grinding tool (pestle and mortar or food processor)
  • empty container

You’re going to need a pestle and mortar or some other way to grind the herbs and eggshells. A food processor also works well. You’re going to need dried eggshells, which have naturally protective properties. Mine here have already been cleaned, dried, and broken into pieces. I used oregano for happiness and tranquility in the coming season, fennel seeds for confidence and abundance, and rosemary for success and peace in the household. You’re also going to need a container to put the powder in when you’re finished. 

What you do…

If you’re using a pestle and mortar, take some eggshells and place them inside. Then you’re going to sprinkle a small amount of each herb in with the eggshells. Next, begin your grinding process. If you’re grinding this all by hand and you’ve never done it before, be prepared for your hand to hurt. It can be tedious and ache-inducing, but it’s well worth it if you can manage. When you’re done and satisfied with your powder, just put it into your container.

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