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The Hermit is a card that many people relate to for one reason or another. But are you taking too much – or too little – time for your own self-discovery? Find out!

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Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Welcome to this week’s episode of Talk Tarot with Me. If you’re new here, hi, my name is Megan. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button, ring the little bell, and give this video a thumbs-up if you enjoy it. And let me know if you have any questions about tarot, tarot cards, or anything like that in the comments below.

Today we are going to be talking about The Hermit. Now, like normal, I’ll go ahead and put a picture of the Hermit from the Rider-Waite deck up here on your screen so you can see it while I go ahead and talk about its description, what it means in the upright position, as well as what it means in the reversed position. If you haven’t watched any of my previous videos in this series, go ahead and click right up here. You will find out that I talk about the anatomy of a tarot deck, the different ideas on reading tarot cards, tarot spreads, and reading tarot reversals.

So, let’s hop into the Hermit. In the Hermit card, it’s very apparent there is an older-appearing man standing atop a snowy mountain. He has a staff in his hand as well as a lantern. He’s wearing a grey robe and he’s just sort of looking down. This card reminds me of Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the Rings. Anyway, the lantern for the Hermit, it lights his way but only shows him the next couple of steps. It doesn’t illuminate the entire path for him. The staff that he used is there to help him and also to keep him balanced. Standing atop the snowy mountaintop on his own is his own decision and being on top of the mountain on his own is symbolic of his heightened state of awareness.

Now the Hermit in the upright position can stand for a few things. These are going to be things along the lines of introspection, inner guidance, and solace. When the Hermit shows up in your reading in the upright position, it’s a reminder to you to take a step back and look inward for the answers that you seek. You need to realize that the truth that you’re looking for in this situation you already hold within you, and you just need to go through and do some introspection and allow your inner self to guide you. The Hermit might also show up in the upright position in your reading to let you know that you can’t get bogged down by the distractions and the constant bombardment from the outside world and from society. You’re on your own journey of self-discovery and this is the perfect time for you to again, take a step back and reevaluate and assess your own personal beliefs, values, morals, and ethics. Then the Hermit might also show up in the upright position in your reading to let you know that he is a teacher in his own right, but now is a time for you to step into that position and be your own teacher. Take your knowledge and your education and your guidance into your own hands and follow your own path to self-discovery.

Now when the Hermit shows up in your reading in the reversed position, we think of things like isolation, desolation, resignation – pulling away from the world around you. So, the Hermit in the reversed position is showing you that this might be something that you’re doing. That you’re pulling away from the world around you – your friends, your family, the people that you love. And you’re retreating inside yourself. The Hermit reversed is there to tell you to stop it. Turning inwards for the wrong reason or for two long a period of time can actually have the opposite effect of what the Hermit stands for. And again, it could be on the flip side of that depending on your situation. The Hermit could be there to say hey, you need to slow down and step back. Look inward and retreat just a little bit and take more time for yourself and your own self-reflection, and to guide yourself and really discover your own beliefs and values. So, in the reversed position, depending on your situation, the Hermit can say hey, you’re not taking enough time for yourself. Or, it could be saying hey, you’re taking way too much time. So, this card’s very situation specific. You need to be able to analyze your situation and look at it with a fresh set of eyes and look at it without bias. The Hermit in the reversed position lets you know that you don’t want to become so absorbed in your own inner world that you forget about the world around you. You don’t want to shut yourself off from everyone. You don’t want to isolate yourself because, even though introspection and self-guidance are important parts of your spiritual journey, personal connections are just as important. So, we don’t want to cut ourselves off from our family and our friends and those that we love for the sake of self-discovery. That’s actually going to have the opposite effect.

So, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Talk Tarot with Me, and that you learned something today. The Hermit is a card that, actually, a lot of people resonate with. And I find myself resonating with the Hermit as well. So, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you have any different ideas about what the Hermit means in your readings. And I will see you guys next time for the next episode of Talk Tarot with Me. Bye!


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