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Rocketbook Review || Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Notebook || Was it worth it?

NOTE: This video is NOT sponsored or endorsed in any way by Rocketbook. These are my own opinions and purchased the Rocketbook Everlast with my own money.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, hi! My name is Megan. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button and give this video a thumbs-up if you enjoy it. Today, I have a different sort of video for you. So, a couple of months ago, I bought a Rocketbook. So, a Rocketbook looks like this. Okay, and now, I bought it because one, the idea seems really cool and, two, in the name of being eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, I thought it was a good idea. So, today, what I’m going to do is basically give you a review of the Rocketbook – this is the Rocketbook Everlast – and go through what a Rocketbook is, the pros, the cons, and my final opinion. Now, before we move into the actual video, I do what to say this video is not sponsored by Rocketbook. I did not receive the Rocketbook for free in exchange for a review. These are my own opinions and I paid for the Rocketbook with my own money.

So, I’m going to pop up on the screen like a screen capture from Rocketbook’s website. They have several different types of notebooks. They have some like the one that I have, the Everlast, it comes in the standard notebook size like I’ve got or a smaller, I think it’s an A4 size. They also have different paper styles. The one that I have is dotted paper. Then they also have lined paper, they have some planners and things like that. They also have a notebook that you can microwave, so, that’s interesting. I’ve never used that one, so I’m not really going to talk about that particular notebook. But let’s look at their website for a second.

So, this is taken directly from their website and while I’m showing you around their website really quick, I will read the description to you. It says, “We believe big ideas don’t have to be single-use. And thanks to the limitless digital age, our thoughts can now be organized and shared with the power of the cloud. But that doesn’t mean the most important part of cognition, the original handwritten note, has to leave a paper trail. While Rocketbook never set out to save the planet, with your help we can all do our part and save A LOT of waste. We promise to keep making awesome products and apps that you love – and make you smarter. Help us save our Earth by reusing your stuff!”

So, the Rocketbook is pretty neat in terms of how you use it. All parts of the Rocketbook are recyclable and sustainably made. So, the cover is recyclable. The spiral binding right here, this is recyclable. And then the pages are also recyclable. So that’s a plus. But to use the Rocketbook, you have to have a special pen. You have to have the Frixion pens, I think is how you say it. They look like this and you can get them on Amazon. Let me see, is that…you can get them on Amazon. They come in several different colors. I have a purple one here. I also have a blue one, but you have to use these pens. You can’t use any other kind of pen or it defeats the purpose of the Rocketbook.

Now, the main purpose of the Rocketbook is the fact that it has erasable pages, and I’ll go ahead and I’ll show you what I mean.

When you’re done, there’s a QR code at the bottom, there are several little icons at the bottom. So those icons actually tell the app when you scan your Rocketbook where to send your document. So, beforehand, you download the app – because you have to use the app with the Rocketbook. You download the app, then you designate where each icon goes to. So, it can go to OneDrive folders. It can go to email, Google Drive – different things like that. And then, when you’re done with your note, you simply, like, check the box or check the icon at the bottom and then, when you scan it, it knows that that’s where that document needs to go. If you don’t select an icon, the app will ask you where you want your document to go. So, it’s not just going to end up randomly going into some folder. It’s not going to just sit on your phone or be out there in the interwebs. It will ask you where you want to send the document.

There are also a few things that you can do to make saving the document easier. So, I know that for titles, whatever you want to title your document, if you write it in your Rocketbook with hashtag hashtag – then your title – and then hashtag hashtag, the Rocketbook software knows that when it sees that in your document, in your writing, that is what you want the title to be. Now, obviously you have to write legibly in order for Rocketbook to know what it is you want it to say, but the idea is there, nonetheless.

So, let’s go over some of the pros really quick. The first pro that’s obvious to me is the fact that Rocketbook is sustainable. It’s something that can be reused over and over again without harming the environment in the fact that there’s no actual paper being used. Trees aren’t being cut down to create the Rocketbook. It’s not something that you use and then you toss and that you have to keep buying over and over again. The Rocketbook is reusable. The Everlast, the one that I have, has 32 pages in it. So, if I were writing something very large, very long, I could continue writing and I would have plenty of space before I’d have to go through and clean the Rocketbook.

So, the next pro that I would say is how easy it is to use the Rocketbook. Granted, you have to have the Rocketbook first, you have to have the right pens, and you have to have the app – but the app is available on all different types of smartphones. And then you literally just take your Rocketbook, take your pen, write, scan with the app, have it go wherever you want, and then you take the cloth that comes with the Rocketbook, you get it wet, and then you just wipe it away. And then once it dries, it’s there for you to use again, over and over and over again. So, those are the two basic pros that I would say out of the Rocketbook: the sustainability and the fact that it’s really easy to use.

So, there are a few things that I find off-putting about the Rocketbook in general. The first one is the price. Now, for me, it was something that I was willing to spend money on because of how much paper I would normally go through in writing show notes, and journaling, and episode ideas, and crochet patterns, and all of the stuff that I typically write during my day. So, it was the sustainability that got me to put down the money – the $34 – to get a Rocketbook. That price can be off-putting for some people. Now, they do have some cheaper options, but they are still more than the 50-cents, 99-cents that you can get a spiralbound notebook for at Walmart. So, if you don’t have the funds or it’s not something that you’re willing to spend money on, that can be a little off-putting.

The next con is the fact that you have to use specific pens. Now, these pens aren’t $20. They’re fairly affordable for the average person, I guess you would say. But it can be sort of irritating because I am a person that likes to write in different colors and do headings in one color and then my writing and notes and stuff. And I color-code things, and it’s a way for me to quickly glance at something and see what I need to see on the page, okay? But with a Rocketbook, when you use the app, it doesn’t scan color that well. And it just doesn’t look nice, and sometimes it’s not even legible if the color of the pen that you’re using isn’t picked up by the app. So, again, a con with that is the fact that you have to use these very specific pens and the color options are limited due to the app’s capability to pick up that color.

Another thing that is a con of the Rocketbook – I almost forgot about this one because it doesn’t necessarily pertain to me. The Rocketbook might not be good for you if you’re left-handed and I’ll show you what I mean. So, I did a little experiment here with the Rocketbook and the pen. I wrote out different numbers here, and wrote out a word, and waited that specific number of seconds and then I wiped over it. And you can see, in every single one, the ink smudged. That’s a problem with these pens and the Rocketbook is that it does take time to dry. Otherwise it’s just going to smudge. So, if you’re left-handed, you might have a problem with the Rocketbook and smudging your writing. And if, in general, if you just write really fast and then you go to flip the page and you come back to your writing, it might be smudged because it wasn’t dry all the way.

Now the last con might just be something that is personal to me. I am a person who loves stationary. I love paper, I love getting new notebooks and journals and pens that write really, really well – and different colors. And honestly, the Rocketbook, for its sustainability and its awesomeness as a product, it’s just not as satisfying for someone like me to write in instead of like, your standard piece of paper with your standard pen and it’s just not as satisfying. So, that’s probably just a personal preference on my part. I prefer to have a regular notebook and use whatever pens that I have on hand that I like, that come in different colors. I can use my highlighters and my markers and all of that stuff. So, it’s probably just a personal preference but for me, that is a con.

The Rocketbook is good if you find yourself going through a ton of paper and you don’t mind that it’s not going to have the same appeal or kind of the same effect as writing on a regular piece of paper. Now, I’m going to admit, I don’t use my Rocketbook as often as I planned on when I purchased it. I still use it for random show notes or jotting down ideas and things that I just need to get out of my head really quick so that I can scan them. And then I can erase them. I don’t use it for journaling. I don’t use it for planning. I still use a regular journal and a regular planner for that. And, part of me regrets buying the Rocketbook, honestly. But, again, for me that’s just personal preference because I don’t like the way it feels when I write on it.

So, I hope you found the review of the Rocketbook helpful, I guess. Please don’t let it be the only review that you watch. Please do your research before you buy the Rocketbook or any of the other products that Rocketbook offers. I know some people out there who love their Rocketbook and who it just works great for. For me, it just didn’t. It was kind of a miss. It’s a good idea, but again, personal preference for regular pen and paper is how I am going to continue doing most of my things. I will still use my Rocketbook like I said, for those random ideas, random things that I need to get out of my head. But it’s not going to be my main source for writing down anything. So, if you want to get a Rocketbook, I’ll leave some links in the description below. You can get it through their website at Rocketbook, you can get it on Amazon, and I recently went to Walmart. And Walmart actually sells the Rocketbook. So, I’ll leave all of those links in the description below, too. And let me know in the comments – do you have a Rocketbook? Do you think it’s a good idea? If you have one, what’s your experience been like? I know I can’t be the only person that wasn’t satisfied with the act of writing in the Rocketbook and storing everything digitally. But, if you do like your Rocketbook, please, let me know! I’d love to hear your opinions as well. And, until then, I will see you guys next time. Bye! [/expand]

Hey everyone! If you’re like me, you are trying to live as eco-friendly as possible. My faith, witchcraft, and logic find it important. So I was excited to find out about the Rocketbook – a reusable notebook that you wipe away. Was it worth it, though? If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

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