Learn to Read Tarot – Strength || BEGINNER FRIENDLY || Talk Tarot with Me Ep. 15

The Strength card – shown with a lady and a lion – has a lot to tell us. Are we harnessing our inner strength to the best of our abilities? Are we using too much strength? Or are we emotionally and energetically unbalanced? Find out!

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Hey everyone. Welcome back to this week’s episode of Talk Tarot with Me. Today, we are going to be talking about Strength. Before we hop into talking about Strength, I just wanted to take a second to make sure that you guys hit that subscribe button and ring the little bell so you can be notified when I post a new video. Talk Tarot with Me episodes go live every Friday. And then, if you like this video, go ahead and give it a big thumbs up and leave any questions or comments you might have in the comment section below. I also want to take this moment to give a special shoutout to my patron over on Patreon – Rose at the WiccanHomestead.com. Make sure you check out her website, and she also has a YouTube channel I’ll go ahead and link that in the description box below as well. So, let’s talk about Strength. So, first, we need to talk about the description of the Strength card in the Rider-Waite deck. So, I’ll put a picture up here so you guys can see what the Strength card looks like if you’re not familiar with it. It shows a regally dressed woman. She’s wearing white with flowers all around. She’s got a crown on her head of flowers and she is stroking a lion. She’s petting a lion’s head. The lion looks calm and relaxed. There’s greenery in the background as well as some mountains. You can see from the image of the card as well that she also has an infinity symbol above her head. Both of the subjects in this card look happy and content, and there is some symbolism mixed in with what they are wearing and what they are doing. So, the woman being dressed in white – white is a standard symbolic color of purity – and the infinity symbol over her head shows her infinite potential and knowledge. Now, typically, lions are associated with strength, and passion, and just aggression and go-getting, and very raw emotions and raw energy. But you can see from the image in the Strength card the woman is gently petting the lion. The lion is relaxed. And it is symbolic of the ability to tame your inner lion. Now when we’re talking about the Strength card in the upright position, there are a few things that I want you to keep in mind. These keywords for the Strength card are courage, strength, and compassion. So, when the Strength card shows up in your tarot readings, its really a sign that you can tackle any obstacle. You have the courage to move forward in the way that you know you need to. If you’re having second thoughts about a situation and the Strength card shows up in your reading, that is a sign for you that you are on the right path and you just need to grab life by the horns and just go for it and know that you can overcome whatever obstacles might be in your way. It’s also a sign that your persistence in whatever situation you’re in is key at this point in time. You have the power to overcome the obstacles and the fear and the doubts, and the confidence to face these challenges. Feel the fear but push through it anyway and do what needs to be done. The Strength card might also show up if you are experiencing any sort of emotional instability. The Strength card urges you to tame those raw inner emotions, tame those gut instincts, and put that energy forward in a more constructive manner. Now let’s talk about the Strength card in the reversed position. When the Strength card shows up in the reversed position, there are three keywords that I want you to keep in mind. These are going to be inner strength, raw emotion, and lack of energy. When the Strength card shows up in your reading reversed, you really need to evaluate your situation and your inner situation. So, this is going to be evaluating your level of self-belief and self-confidence. Really ask yourself – is your cup full, or is it empty? And do you need to fill it? It’s also a reminder to you that your strength is always with you, and just because you’ve had some Learn to Read Tarot – Strength || BEGINNER FRIENDLY || Talk Tarot with Me Ep. 15 Published 1/10/2020 on YouTube © Megan Black at RoundTheCauldron.com obstacles, or you’ve had some setbacks doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path or that nothing’s going to work out in your favor. You simply need to reconnect with your inner strength and continue pushing forward. It could also be the lion and the lady telling you that you need to take stock of your emotional wellbeing. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others around you and do the things that need to be done regardless of what the situation is. Lastly, the Strength card in the reversed position could be there to show you that you are prone to emotional outbursts and excessive raw energy. You might tend to react without thinking, and when you do react, it might be an overreaction, an angry outburst, a violent outburst, or an extremely emotional outburst. The Strength card in the reversed position in this situation is a reminder to check yourself before you do something that you’re going to regret later. So that is the Strength card in basic terms right there. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Talk Tarot with Me. Join me back here next week for another episode of Talk Tarot with Me where we talk about the Hermit. Bye! [/expand]

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