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Meditation Journal 2020 || FREE PRINTABLE

A lot of people start their new year off on the right foot, wanting to bring mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their life. However, it never fails that these new year resolutions always end up dwindling down to be forgotten about.

One of my goals for the new year is to do more meditation. So, I created this meditation journal to use for that specific purpose. Keep track of your meditations on a daily basis. Find patterns in your moods, and track your time spent in meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation is not just a new-age pseudoscience practice. Meditation has been practiced for centuries – and for good reason. Originally meditation was used to deepen the connection between the physical and the divine. However, it has been shown to create a feeling of peace and calmness in the mind, which then translates into everyday life.

The Mayo Clinic says that meditation can help in the following ways:

– Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
– Building skills to manage your stress
– Increasing self-awareness
– Focusing on the present
– Reducing negative emotions
– Increasing imagination and creativity
– Increasing patience and tolerance

Mayo Clinic

Since meditation has become a daily part of so many lives, I thought it fitting to create a meditation journal. See, I am a person that likes to find patterns and, with my emotional health, I know I have patterns of behavior that could be helped with a daily meditation routine. I hope it helps you as well.

Get the Free Printable!

This is a very simple page to keep track of your meditations. Record the date, your mood, the length of meditation, and any reflections you may have from the meditation.

Click here to download your copy!

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