Sigil Magick – How to Make a Sigil


What is a sigil?

A sigil is a magickal symbol created and used for a specific purpose. They are often used in ritual, tarot, and spell crafting to suit the needs of the witch. Each one is unique to a specific phrase or situation, and they can be crafted quickly and discreetly any time you need one. They can be crafted in multiple ways, but there are two techniques that are the most popular.

How do you make a sigil?

There are two main techniques when it comes to sigil-crafting, and I will go over them both. The first one involves creating an affirmation, and the second involves a concept or idea.

Technique #1

With this method, you’re going to create an affirmation first and then the sigil that matches it. When you create an affirmation, be sure that you create it in the present tense – and try to keep it positive.

Example: I am happy and healthy.

Once you have your affirmation, you are going to cross out any vowels. Using the example above, you are left with the following letters.


Next, cross out any duplicates. You do not want to have multiples of the same letter.


Once you have your final letters, you can then create your sigil. Some people like to take this a step further and break the letters down into their respective parts.

M becomes | \ / |

Then you will draw a circle and create a symbol unique to your affirmation using the letters – or shapes – you have left.

Technique #2

The second method for creating a sigil is simply creating a symbol that has meaning to you. You will know what the symbol means, but no one else will. Create the symbol around the situation or concept you desire.

I am happy and confident.

The sigil doesn’t have to use any letters from your affirmation, but it should reflect the affirmation in a way you can recognize.

Now what?

Now, go forth and practice your sigil crafting! As you can tell from the examples I’ve included here, they don’t have to be pretty, and they don’t have to have an obvious outward meaning.

I have used sigils to help plants grow, to boost my water’s purpose, and to help me get over a cold. They can be used for many purposes, and we’ll go over those next.

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