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When you’re first learning how to read tarot cards, I always recommend writing down your readings. Plus, starting with the simple three-card reading is one of the best and easiest ways to practice reading the cards. When you do a three-card reading, you ask a question and then get an answer in a three-fold way. This can be applied to almost any reading, but a past/present/future is the most common.

Why use the printable?

If you don’t have a tarot journal – or if you’re just looking for inspiration for one – this worksheet will give you a history of your readings. When you write down your question and answer, it allows you to look back on your readings to see if they were accurate and how much you have grown in your tarot readings. They can be a useful tool to use.

This printable was made to go along with the following video.


How do you perform a three-card reading?

  1. Prepare your tarot space with candles, incense, and whatever else you would like to include in your atmosphere.
  2. Shuffle your deck as many times as you feel is necessary.
  3. When you’re ready, ask your question and pull three cards.
    • Card one tells you how your past affects your question.
    • Card two tells you how your present affects your question.
    • Card three tells you how your future may play out.

Use this printable in your Book of Shadows or tarot journal when you need to. It can be helpful to have a reminder of the question you asked – and your answers – further on down the road.

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