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Forced Silence – Contemplation

I have been sick the past few days, and it has forced me to take a step back from my podcast and YouTube channel – and that’s not something I enjoy. A forced silence, if you will. It means I will be missing a week of content and so will my listeners will.

Three lit candles in a row on a black background.

However, I’ve been thinking about this forced silence this morning and what it might mean on a different level. To be silent. Normally, in the witch’s pyramid, that means to know when to keep quiet about aspects of your craft and how you practice. What does it mean here?

Honestly, it probably means that I just need to take some time for myself and give myself a break. That’s a hard thing to do, though, when all your work is online and most of it means talking. I even had to turn down an audiobook job because I wouldn’t be able to meet their deadline due to sickness.

Take care of yourself.

That seems to be the theme for this week of sickness. My immune system is fighting off something apparently nasty. I had to make a trip to urgent care. I’m on the mend, I think, but I still shouldn’t push myself too hard.

Here’s to hoping I’m back to being able to record soon!

What is Thoughtful Thursday? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. It is a day during the week where you can jot down your thoughts as a blog post, journal prompt, etc. Some days I’ll have a question I want to answer. Some days it’s just word-vomit on a page. I encourage you to take part, too. Even if you don’t blog publicly like I do, or you don’t have an online presence. Take your Thursdays to reflect on some of those thoughts you may have. You never know. You might gain some much-needed insight.

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