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Hiding in Plain Sight

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Sometimes, practicing your craft and your faith will require hiding in plain sight. This can be for several reasons, but the most common is safety and professionalism. Now, I’m not talking about kids hiding things from their parents or guardians. That’s a different topic and one I will touch on at a later day. I’m talking about needing to hide your faith for specific job-related reasons, or public related reasons.

Do you work with the public? Do you live in an area that is predominately Christian? Do you have a mental illness that makes certain situations hard for you? There’s nothing wrong with needing to keep certain things to yourself to keep you safe, both mentally and physically. If you’ve grown up in an area that is mostly Christian, you might find this strange. In most Christian faiths, it is frowned upon to hide your faith. They expect you to shout your love for their God from the rooftops at any given moment.

That’s not always the case with Paganism and Wicca. If you have a job that requires discretion, it may be best to hide any jewelry or tattoos you have that might pertain to your faith. If you fear for your safety in any way, do not proclaim your faith just to do it. You should never put your safety on the line for your faith.

So what are some things you can do to hide in plain sight?

  1. Wear inconspicuous jewelry
    • Typically, people don’t pay any mind to random symbols that don’t hold a lot of weight. I have a necklace that has the triangular symbol for the element of water. If you didn’t know what it was, you would just think it was a pretty piece of triangular jewelry. Don’t deck yourself out in pentacles if it isn’t safe to do so.
  2. Meditation
    • Meditation doesn’t have to denote any faith at all, and I’ve found that it tends to be safe in most places. If anyone asks about it, you can say you’re doing it for spiritual or mental health reasons.
  3. Practice glamor magick
    • If you wear makeup, glamor magick is something quick and easy you can do on a regular basis. Your lipstick can be enchanted to help you speak with confidence. Your eyeshadow can be enchanted to help you see through murky situations. And best of all? Everyone will just think you’re wearing makeup!
    • Don’t wear makeup? This can be done with any piece of jewelry, handbags, etc. It doesn’t have to be makeup, it can be anything that you wear on your person regularly that wouldn’t bring any unwanted attention.

Do you practice your faith or craft in hidden ways? Leave your suggestions in the comments or reach out to me via e-mail or social media!

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