Spring has Sprung

I don’t know what it is about this seasonal transition, but it has always been one of my favorites. I love walking outside in the morning and seeing the sky turn shades of orange and pink. The smell of new-blooming flowers. The scent of crisp morning dew on the grass.

It is strange to me that I feel nostalgia during this season. Growing up in Southern California meant that Spring lasted for a couple weeks and then we were back up to weathering the triple digit heat for 5 more months before the temperatures dipped back down below 70F.

Springtime has always made me a bit nostalgic and homesick. For where, I’m not sure. That happens to me a lot. Maybe its the melting snow. The slowly warming air. The chirping of the birds flying through the trees, swooping down to land on our bird feeder. Maybe I’m homesick for Mother Goddess, to be embraced in her eternal Springtime with the fertile land, and Father God in his warm rays of sunshine. Who knows, but I enjoy this time of the year.

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